Muay Thai has four distinct styles that are taught in different regions of Thailand. The northern style known as Muay Pra Nakorn emphasizes speed particularly in kicking. Because of its faster speed, it is also known as “Ling Lom” or windy monkey style.

In the northeast there is Muay Korat. It utilizes the fighter’s strength in all techniques. Muay Lopburi is taught in the center region and focuses on emphasized movements. FInally, Muay Chaiya is taught in the south and centers on posture and defense using more of the elbows and knees.

Although located on the island of Koh Phangan in the south of Thailand, at Kobra Stadium Master Kongpipop teaches the northern style of Thai boxing. Along with his techniques he instills the values of patience, personal discipline, confidence and respect for self and others.

He believes that the fundamentals are the foundation for any great fighter and requires his students to master each step of training before proceeding to the next. Beginner students will focus on learning to use upper and lower body techniques. Once mastered the intermediate student will then learn to apply these basics to real fighting situations.

Programs & Trainings Available


Work on improving your skills set and work on weaker side of your training with Master Kongpipop. Build strength and confidence as you grow as a Muay Thai professional.


Group Training

Train with other fighters & our resident trainers at our morning or afternoon sessions. Work on your ring work and bag work as well as technique.


What makes Kobra special…

With over 10 years experience in Coaching & Training Muay Thai Fighters on Koh Phangan Island, Kobra is the Ultimate Training Camp and Flight Night specialists. With everything under one roof and a wealth of experienced staff in your corner , Team Kobra is your first choice when looking to train with the best!

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