Phangan Profiles Episode-0: Introducing Phangan Explorer

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The origins of Phangan Explorer are somewhat of a legend around the island.

It’s said, that a young man of American Mexican Thai decent found himself on the island of Koh Phangan in the late 90s. After deciding not to leave, and with only $200 in his pocket, Charlie, the name that would forever be known on the island, started his career organizing boat tours to keep his dream alive.


Through pure will and perseverance, he launched one of the first print magazines introducing the island to its many visitors. Now as the owner of Sage Land and House, Charlie and his team of Digital nomads are relaunching the name for the next generation of visitors.


We’ve caught up with Matt on Haad Rin beach, infamously know for Full Moon Party, to talk about what Phangan Explorer, and this series Phangan Profiles, is all about.


Charlie: Hey Matt how’s it going?


Matt: Doing all right, how ya doing?


Charlie: Ya good man.


Charlie: So we’re here, Full Moon beach, the infamous Full Moon beach, in Haad Rin Koh Phangan. What do you think?


Matt: It’s a sight for sore eyes, you know it’s nice to be back. This is the first place I think I came in Phangan. I remember that day I came off the ferry and you were like “hey we’re in Haad Rin” I don’t know where that is but I’m gona go!


I found Phangan by accident. You know I kind of always had this dream of living on islands and Phangan and just seemed like the right spot to go.You can really only get here by boat. There’s no Airport, there’s no like seaplane, you gotta take the ferry, so it’s like that
extra step.


Charlie: Koh Phangan was one of the last places to get on the Google Maps. When they made Google Maps they forgot about Koh Phangan for awhile. It took a few years before they got on. This is the fourth largest island in Thailand, so it’s a pretty big place. People don’t realize how big it is. But it’s still very very nice. And the fact that we’ve escaped all that commercialism, it’s kind of nice.


So tell me, you’re a digital nomad, what’s it like to be a digital nomad in Koh Phangan?


Matt: So you know it is kind of that, you know the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio, The Beach, a lot of people kind of assume that’s what it’s like, a bunch of young kids running away, escaping the Western society and living on a beautiful island. And there a piece of that you know there is
kind of this, I could work right here if I wanted to.


Charlie:We got a picture of somebody on the beach but actually working on the beach…


Matt: I’ve never seen some work on the beach, it doesn’t make any sense. If sand gets in your keyboard, it’s not gonna work out. it’s not worth it. it’s a good picture but it’s not very practical. But, it is nice to have that option to go do your work and then opposed to going to like a happy hour ya know downtown or going to another overly priced dinner, you could just go to the beach and play volleyball or you know kinda have a different lifestyle.


Charlie: Tell me about your new project and what you’re doing with Phangan Explorer.


Matt: So Phangan Explorer is really a revamp of your old project. The Phangan Explorer was a print book with a guide to the island. Phangan has so many different things to do but if you literally google things to do in Phangan, it’s a little tricky. You know there’s a couple articles different Trip Advisors, but there’s so much kind of unexplored here. So you can come to full moon, you can party, but there’s a lot more. So Phangan Explorer is really kind of this, I guess this experiment to see can we get people involved in more things, you know, supporting more of the businesses on the islands, trying different classes, etc.


Charlie: Another part of the appeal of Koh Phangan is that there were some interesting characters here, there’s some interesting people here, there’s some really cool people here. And when you go around the island you’re bumping into them all the time, So I think with Phangan profiles which is a section in Phangan Explorer I think the idea is to go out and meet go to eat and see what they’re all about.


There’s so much to explore whether it’s just jumping on a motorbike and scooting around the island. Or going into the sea, or going over to Sail Rock, see the whale sharks. Or if parties your thing and venturing to some small lost paradise beach and having a party there. There’s so many things different things I think Phangan has to offer, is different for so many different people. Obviously we got you know some of the best parties around. we got reggae parties we got half moon parties full moon, we got them all. I really think it’s about each individual and them finding their own flow.


All right man well good to talk to you and good luck with the project and come by again and then let us know how everything’s going.


Matt: Yeah definitely, cool.



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