Koh Phangan survival guide

Koh Phangan Survival Guide

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 Koh Phangan Survival Guide

Phangan Explorer has seen the damage to the people who didn’t respect and listen to this advice … they didn’t end up so well.

In this Koh Phangan Guide, here are a few pointers on how to make sure your memories are terrific, not traumatic.


Motorbike Injuries

Drinking and driving, lack of experience and crappy roads are poison for many injuries on Koh Phangan. Just checkout the walking wounded you can find every time you look around and you see what I mean! BE CAREFUL! Motorbikes are the number one cause of injury to tourists. The roads to and from Haad Rin and Thong Nai Pan are very dangerous. If the roads are going to be attempted we strongly recommend wearing a helmet.


Going “overboard on the buckets”

Drinking can be the source of some great times, and insanely fun when spent with friends. However Thai whisky is strong and unforgiving. Drink too much and you will dancing and acting like a rag-doll with no bodily awareness, making you a target for criminal elements prowling the party. Take care of yourself!


Drugs are No fun at the Full Moon parties

Come on guys, Full Moon Party is now the most famous for illegal substance and drug abuse and this might seem like a great reason to get in on the action. Wrong! Thai law hands out harsh penalties for those caught participating in the cycle. The incumbent government also believes that foreigners are providing market and creating a bad example for Thai youth across the country. There are dozens of plain clothes cops at the party and they get a bonus catching drug users.


Fighting and disrespecting the locals

This is a sure way to get yourself beaten up or have a bottle smashed over your head no matter how tasty you are. Be cool, smile and walk away from any potential conflict. You will enjoy your holiday so much more.

Also NEVER speak ill or any of the kings/royal family. It is an extremely serious offenses, and results with imprisonment, where they will lock you up and throw away the key.


Motorbike prices

Prices will vary, however they are generally around 300THB per day for a motorbike. The bigger ones/ 125cc are a little pricier at 400THB plus per day.

You will need your passport when renting, and to sign a waiver form in the case of accidents. Check what you are going into as you don’t want to be paying a lump sum for repairs due to a knocked over bike.


Taxi Prices

Prices can differ depending on where, and what time you are travelling. Regular price from Thong Sala (main pier) to Haad Rin Beach (Full Moon Party Beach) is 100THB, even on Full Moon night! However if you are going solo to the top of the island, prepare for a costly visit.

You can try to bargain however most drivers now have fixed rate sheets. Recommended to get a group of you together for big trips.



Taking care of your valuables

Don’t take your valuables to any parties, or beaches. Then you won’t even have to worry about risking losing them. Simple. It only takes a split second, when you concentration is on the music or alcohol, for some sleaze to take your possessions away into the crowd. Save yourself to agro!


Help us clean the beach

All of us on Koh Phangan are very concerned about keeping our environment and the beaches clean. Be a part of the solution not the cause! Put your trash in the bin and look for free fag containers for your cigarette butts.

7/11 minimarts will force an excess of plastic on you from bag to straws to spoons. But do you really need all that for one bottle of water?