Best times to visit Koh Phangan

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What is the ideal season to take a trip to the tropical Thai island?

Read on to find out…

Thailand is seasonal, but not in the respectful Western way, with: summer, spring, fall and winter. Thailand seasons depend on the rainfall.

Koh Phangan Seasons:

Dry Season: Jan-April

Koh Phangan is blessed with beautiful weather and calm seas for much of the year.

March and April tend to be the driest months. So if you want to be topping up the tan, now is the time to come.

Rainfall of only 35mm. Wouldn’t recommend seeing many waterfalls as all you can expect is a trickle.

Temperatures – here are very hot during the day, up to 33 degree Celsius. Don’t leave the house without the suncream!

Air-Conditioning is a must in all rooms, and to also avoid that blistering midday sun. (A perfect excuse for a siesta). However you can still do activities all day, but just prepare for you to be in a constant layer of sweat.

Swimming – The best month to swim in the sea is in April when the average sea temperature is 30°C (86°F).  As Koh Phangan has a very low lying sea, meaning the sea water gets beautifully heated up during the day by the scorching sun, so if you think you are going into the sea to cool down, think again.

The sea is general very flat and calm, perfect for kids.

Top Tip – Keep hydrated and take cover from the sun.

Phangan Explorer has had many friends ruined their trip due to taking a visit to the hospital due to one of their dangerous results of too much sun.

Rainy Season: May – June

Rain – With just a little more rain expected from.  However due to this being the tropics if it does rain, don’t worry it probably won’t last, and will clear up will beautiful sunny skies again in an hours or 2.

Temperature  – A few degrees cooler than dry season, but still great t-shirt weather. It never really gets cold in Thailand, locals don’t own coats.

Top tip – Pack light! As you won’t be needing half of the big bulky warm clothes you think you need. Thailand is still very warm in the evenings, so just bring a light jacket in the RARE occasion you will get the chills. (Maybe from being wet from the sea and going on the bike home).

Monsoon Season: October – December

If the prospect of rain really dampens your spirits then this time of year is best avoided. 

Nevertheless, you can still do the activities you would like to do, but just pack a poncho.

Rain – These months are significantly wetter and windier due to the northeast monsoon. These seasons differ every year. On some weeks, it might not be raining all the time; it might just be a few hours of heavy rain here or there. However, you may be unlucky and get a full week of torrential rain.

Temperature – Still fairly hot (as you’re in Thailand). Above 30 degree Celsius with the air being very humid.

Swimming – In this season, on certain beaches, where the sea is exposed to the currents, you get rip currents/ undercurrents. Haad Rin Beach, in the South is particularly bad, with strong, dishwashers like waves, not great for surfing. Rip currents can be very dangerous, even for experienced swimmers, as the sea takes you against your will. However , if you ever get stuck in one, just follow the diagram below.

Wind – Now is the time for wind-water sports (kite surfing and windsurfing, and maybe a bit of surfing). However Koh Phangan is not so well known for surfing, it can still occur.

There are many water sports shops, for you to learn or rent the equipment.

Click here – for our recommended watersports shops.


E.g. Monsoon season on some island in the Andaman Sea side (West) are much longer from October-May.

In every season, may there be something for everyone. However it’s always good to be in the know about what to expect.

6 intense adrenaline sports to do in Koh Phangan

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 6 intense adrenaline sports in Koh Phangan  

Make the most of your tripStart Living! 


Want to start living life to the max?

Do something filled with adrenaline to push you out of your comfort zone!


Surrounded by glistening flat seas, luscious mountains and valleys, and will the sun dazzling down; Koh Phangan entices adventure and exploration for all ages, interests and experience!



Adrenaline – Feel the Rush!

When you feel fear, your heart starts pounding. Adrenal glands dump the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline into the bloodstream – adrenaline rush! Your body is now activating at a heightened state of physical and mental alertness. All of it reminds you that you are alive!

However it is that same element of fear that stands between a thrill and just plain fun. Phangan Explorer wants you to live life to its fullest potential!


Here are some examples to give you that burst of human jet fuel to rejuvenate your spirits!

Sports and adrenaline activities in Koh Phangan:




1. Jet Ski (The Rush)

Take an adrenaline-filled jet-ski ride over the crystalline blue Koh Phangan waters, while going full throttle to discover secret, deserted beaches all to yourself!

Tip – You don’t need a license to go on one of our jet-ski tours, just to sign a consent form. Be careful for jet ski scams if you break them, you don’t get racked up with a big bill. However feel like James Bond cruisning or speeding on the flat waters in the sun for your exciting adventure!



  1. Kiteboarding (The Heart Racer)

Harnessing wind power to ‘fly’ gives you a superhuman feeling. You don’t have to be particularly muscular to hold down the kite; it’s harnessed around your waist, so your body weight counters the kite’s power, not your arms.

Lessons – First, you’ll start learning to skim across the water — a skill that takes just a day or two to grasp. Once you’ve got the basics, you can graduate to jumps.



3. Bouldering (The Dangerous)

Find your own route and jumping and climbing from rock to rock, along the sides of cascading waterfalls surrounded by the thick tropical jungle.

After building up a sweat, discover secret pools and spots along the way for you to take a well-deserved dip.

Tip – Full focus is needed, as some rocks can move beneath your feet! Also you may be having to use your whole body when climbing along a rock with the rush of the waterfall stream beneath you.



4. Diving (The Time-Flier)

Explore the undiscovered, unknown world of the deep sea. Watch in awe of the beauty of other life forms while going out in the water for an hour feels like only 10 minutes. You will hack into the ‘zone’.

Tip – Day trips for the inexperienced, or courses can be taken for you to have a unique experience that you will remember for the rest of your life!What will you find down there?

5. Parasailing (The Tongue Swallower)

Muster the courage to get lifted higher than the eagles. You will have a beautiful bird-eye view of the whole island and its amazing landscape. Truly mesmerizing!

Tip – To stop your shaking knees, reassure yourself by knowing the equipment, the company and the staff.



6. Cliff jumping (The Pure Insane)

Standing atop a cliff, stretching arms like wings, staring into the abyss, and jumping off from hundreds of feet into the water below is an experience reserved for daredevils and thrill-seekers. However we don’t want you crazy kids to go flinging yourself of ridiculously high dangerous, rocky waters. Be smart!

Tip – Only should be attempted with people of experience. Know your surroundings, your limits and should be done with friends to minimize risks.




Challenge your physical and mental strength on Koh Phangan by releasing some of that adrenaline into your bloodstream to make you feel alive!

Nevertheless, incorporating extreme sports in to your trip doesn’t fit for everyone. So you choose the activity!