Climate and Weather 

As hard as it is to believe, Koh Phangan weather is ideal year round. There is no such summer season or first beach days in Koh Phangan, but rather dry or wet days. The climate in Koh Phangan is classified as a tropical monsoon climate. This means that the island has a dry season and a very wet season.

Seasons can realistically be divided into three, the wet (low season), the cool (peak season) and the hot (mid-low season).

Each one has it’s own pros and cons, and you can choose which one suits you better…

Our guide below is here to help you decide… otherwise…


No Need To Figure Everything Out, Just Jump In! 

Ko Pha Ngan
06:1618:30 +07
Feels like: 99°F
Wind: 7mph SE
Humidity: 71%
Pressure: 29.83"Hg
UV index: 6
min 81°F

The Wet season

Between October and November, is the rainy season. November is home to monsoons in the Gulf of Thailand.

Temperature drops slightly in this period and you may experience entire days or even a full week of tropical rain. But as we say – after rain comes the sun.

The good side of this season is that prices are much lower and you won’t meet many tourists around and can enjoy the beautiful beaches and viewpoints to yourself. Travelers seeking for a back-to-nature and peaceful retreat, enjoy this season and the relaxing sound of the waves and the rain to visit a detox center or a yoga retreat.

The Cool season

The cool season lasts from late December through to March and this is the main tourist season, the peak season.

The weather is hot but not too hot – average around 28C, sky is clear – just right for lounging on the island’s fantastic beaches, going on a trail uphill in the mountains or swimming is a waterfall.

This perfect weather season is also the most touristy season and accommodation gets much more expensive and famous beaches get quite busy. You’ll need to book weeks in advance to find reasonable prices and look for the secret beaches if you want to run away from the crowd.

The Hot season

From April to June, temperatures rise considerably with peaks over 40C. However, if you like getting in the sea as you would in a warm bath, this is the time to come! The crowd of the peak season has gone by this time and prices decrease as well.

And if you happen to visit during Songkran, Thai New Year, you will definitely enjoy the fun tradition of water splashing every day, all day. The legend says this is the week for you to find yourself lost in Koh Phangan!

From July to August, you can get a lot of sun and heat, combined with cool, refreshing breeze. Or you can have sun in the morning and thunderstorm in the evening.

Whatever time you choose to visit, keep one thing in mind – Koh Phangan weather really has its own rules. There is no right or wrong time to come, you just have to get into its flow and take everything its lush life has to offer.