Koh Phangan Buck List – Top 10 Things you must do

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Can’t decide what to do? Phangan Explorer has the ultimate Bucket List of Koh Phangan right here!

1. Try a ‘Roti’

This tasty delight is the perfect treat, which pleases all taste buds. It is made with crepe batter fried on a hot pan with any ingredients of your choice. E.g. banana and nutella, peanut butter, mango…

Street food at very cheap prices, around 50thb, will definitely leave you wanting more.

2. Emerge yourself at the temples

The Chinese Temple in the Hills near Chaloklum Beach, Northern Koh Phangan

Try a bit of Thai culture when strolling around the Buddhist and Chinese temples. These are beautifully erected with the history and culture intertwined.

Click here – Go to our temple page to see the locations around the island.

3. Say hello to the fish

Koh Phangan has world-class snorkeling and diving spots. So take your snorkel and mask and dive into the warm sea.

4. Paint yourself up at the parties

Get creative and express your wild side with the UV fluorescent paint you can buy from any small shop.  Full Moon Party and Half Moon Party have the UV lighting everywhere so see your artwork come alive. Paints and brushes around 100thb.

5. Experience a Thai massage

This is a unique massage, and you have come to the best place to get one. Stretching, pulling and twisting your body into some interesting positions, with the aim of you feeling free and energised.

Traditional Thai massage uses no oils or lotions. The recipient remains clothed during a treatment. There is constant body contact between the giver and receiver, but rather than rubbing on muscles, the body is compressed, pulled, stretched and rocked.

6. Cooking courses

One of the most flavourful and mouth watering cuisines, you should definitely get an insight into a thai kitchen. Surprisingly easy dishes to make, you will build up your culinary skills to impress your friends and family.

7. Adventure into nature

Waterfalls and jungle is plentiful in Koh Phnagan, being over 70% protected National Park. Seeing the immense-ness of the diversity of different flora and fauna and surrounding yourself into nature will leave you feeling complete relaxed.

Phaeng Waterfall is a dramatic waterfall in a jungle area with a steep hiking path & a popular lookout point.

Phaeng Waterfall is the largest and probably the easiest waterfall to access, even by bicycle. It is part of Thansadej National Park and consists in Phaeng Noi Waterfall when you arrive just after fifty meters after the park entrance and Phaeng Yai Waterfall bordered by a path which 200 meters before the top crosses a path at the left that leads to Dom Sila Viewpoint.

This one is quite tourist, however it is a good day out for the whole family. The waterfall can be seen at different levels, depending one how high you want to climb. Therefore even if you are feeling lazy, you can still see this beautiful spectacle.

There is also a restaurant at the location for some tasty Thai dishes.

Click here – See waterfalls page.

8. Be a Spectator of spectacular sunsets

Watch the fireball of a sun dip into the horizon of the sea, lighting up the sky with magical colours, makes a beautiful end to a day. Can be seen from rooftop bars, beaches or a beachside restaurant.

This can be sighted at any spot on the West coast of the island.

Best viewed with clear skies and a direct line for the sun to disappear into the water. More often then not, the weather in Koh Phangan is perfect for sunsets, will only very few clouds. However, it is seasonal here so do your research for the best times to visit the island.

9. Visit the highest point of the island

Want a new profile picture? Khao Ra with 360 views of the Koh Phangan is the place to do it. The trek is quite strenuous so bring your trainers, but well worth the sights when you reach the top.

Click here – to find out everything for this adventure.

10. Lounge out at the infinity pools

Also another great spot for picture taking. Spent the day relaxing in style with good music, sunshine and chilled vibes. Not to be missed!

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