Haad Rin Viewpoint (South) 

Short climb with panoramic views of the whole of Haad RIn Town and Beach


Haad Rin Viewpoint the most southern tip of Koh Phangan and the most photographed place on the island. You can enjoy the wonderful panoramic view of both beaches – Haad Rin Noi (sunset) and Haad Rin Nok (sunrise).

A 15 minute, hot trek, into the jungle through vines, over fallen trees and around boulders, with various ups and downs and lack of a real trail, will give you the opening of the view of the whole of the South and even Koh Samui.

Location – Haad Rin, found in the most South of the island.

Getting there – You follow the same starting route as if you are doing the full Haad Yuan trek. The path begins on the dirt road behind the Fairyland Resort, look for a small path leading off the road up beside a few small local houses on the hill. There are blue maker signs on the brick wall pointing towards the start point. At the top, you will reach a spit in the path, with a large boulder in between. Take the path to the left, which leads you to an even larger boulder, to climb and see the spectacular view.

Distance – About a 15 minute walk if you are coming straight from Haad Rin Beach.