Explore the island to find the hidden temples, called Wats in Thai, and see them in all their beauty with their colorful architecture and magnificently displayed golden Buddha’s and other deities.

With a mix of over Buddhist and Chinese temples, expand your cultural knowledge, and find some inner peace, by visiting these historical and spiritual landmarks at the center of the Thai community.

Open to the public, as long as you are respectful to the culture.

Be respectful

  • Covers your shoulders, and women to cover their knees.
  • Take any shoes and hats when entering the temple.
  • Never point your feet at any Thais, especially a Monk (sit cross legged or make a kind of “sitting kneel” with your legs under you and your feet pointing to away from the monks.
  • The head is considered sacred in Thai culture so never ever touch a Thai on the head.
  • Women cannot touch the monks, so if you wish to pass anything, do it via a male friend or put it next to the monk with your right hand.
  • Be silent in the temples.

Temple protocol

  • Light an incense stick – and use this to set an intentions or send family or friends best wishes and love.
  • Walk the ground in silence, if you wish – to be fully present and embrace the beauty.
  • Try a bit of meditation while sitting in the temple.
  • Smile at the locals – and do a ‘Wai’. This is a traditional Thai greeting, preformed with a small bow of the head with the hands in prayer by the head.