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Crystal waters, turquoise waterfalls, coconut tree fields and soft white sand: Koh Phangan has it all and much more.


Did you know? Phangan originally comes from “ngan” which means “sandbar” in southern dialect due to the countless sandbars around this small piece of paradise… 

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Articles and things to binge read


Visa Runs – How, where and when?
Posted by: Katie Monsell /140
Visa runs are a pain, we know, but we all have to do them. Below there are the options available. Border Bounce – 1 day visa run 1 day visa run from Koh Phangan to Malaysia’s border, the quickest and most efficient way to stamp your passport to extend your stay in Thailand. Important – […]
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Thai Holidays you should know
Posted by: Katie Monsell /260
All Thai holidays are very colorful, eventful and bring the whole community together. Definitely a great way to get culturally educated. It is to be noted that Thais have these days off, so not many businesses are in action. Therefore transport, banks, shops will not be open. (It is recommended not to travel during these […]
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Everything you need to know about a Thai Massage
Posted by: Katie Monsell /230
You’re in Thailand; the perfect place to experience this cultural massage. (Some people get them every week). But what are you letting yourself in for? Continue reading to find out. The History Thai massage or “Thai yoga massage” is a traditional healing system combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures. Originated in India, […]
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Best times to visit Koh Phangan
Posted by: Katie Monsell /270
What is the ideal season to take a trip to the tropical Thai island? Read on to find out… Thailand is seasonal, but not in the respectful Western way, with: summer, spring, fall and winter. Thailand seasons depend on the rainfall. Koh Phangan Seasons: Dry Season: Jan-April Koh Phangan is blessed with beautiful weather and […]
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Koh Phangan Buck List – Top 10 Things you must do
Posted by: Katie Monsell /310
Can’t decide what to do? Phangan Explorer has the ultimate Bucket List of Koh Phangan right here! 1. Try a ‘Roti’ This tasty delight is the perfect treat, which pleases all taste buds. It is made with crepe batter fried on a hot pan with any ingredients of your choice. E.g. banana and nutella, peanut […]
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