10 Tips and Tricks to have the best time at Full Moon Party

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10 Tips and Tricks to have the best time at Full Moon Party


Why is Full Moon Party so famous?

Every month on Full Moon, up to 20,000 people on Haad Rin beach are fuelled on buckets of alcohol, from countries all around the world, listening to loud electronic/dance music, painted in UV artistic and creative designs, dancing to their hearts content under the stars, until the early hours of the morning. An event not to be missed!


The main party is on the Full Moon Beach (Haad Rin Beach), however the party is celebrated in the whole of this pier town.


100THB entry fee, which goes towards the mass clean up the next day from rubbish, straws, lost items and whatever else gets left behind.


The 10 Tips and Tricks:


  1. Have a meeting place

This may sound like something your mum would do when you were a kid, but it is extremely easy to lose people in large crowd in the dark. So to avoid pick a point to meet I this ever occurred.

  1. Book accommodation in advance

Near Full Moon time, the prices of accommodation rise to the roof, and availability is scarce. So be savvy and do a little research prior, to get the best deals.


  1. Leave the valuables at home

Just take what you need, and nothing else. Pick pockets are crafty where they use your unaware, distracted state to their advantage. If you insist on bringing one, be sure that your pockets are deep enough or you have a secure pouch to place them in to protect them from getting swiped or from slipping out.


  1. Buckets

These are basically sandcastle buckets filled with a deadly concoction of alcohol finished with 10 straws poking out. The easy way to get absolutely hammered. They can be seen everywhere from the 100’s of lined up stall, side by side, all over the beach. Buckets are usually 150THB-400THB, depending on the alcohol. However they are all open drinks so never leave unattended and watch the drink tender make your bucket as they may put a nasty surprise in there instead.



  1. Don’t drive

There is no need to risk it and drink and drive. Taxis are doing their runs all over the island this day of the month, so no need to worry about transport.


  1. Buy your own pain.

More fun and a lot cheaper to DIY. The small pots can be bought in the town streets or prior to the events at 100THB with paint brushes. A great warm up activity to get you hyped.


  1. Stay away from fire jump rope

This might look appealing and a great idea in the moment, however with the next day’s painful burns, you will surely have some regrets.


  1. Hydrate

You can easily dehydrated from the continuous dancing and hot and humid weather. Drink a lot of water before and during the event! It will also help your hangover the next day.


  1. Shoes or flip flops?

This all comes down to personal preference. It is a beach so ideally flipflops are more suitable, however just expect the occasional crazy dancing drunk to step on your foot. But wear something on your feet as you never know what is on the ground.


  1. Don’t go in the ocean

There’s a reason the water is warm, and it’s not because you’re in Thailand. People use this as the easiest available toilet! Plus not to mention the correlation between drunkenness and drowning. Be smart!


Full Moon Party is an unforgettable experience, with crazy stories and wild people.

Just take these top tips on board and you will be remembering your Full Moon experience for the right reasons.

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